There are generally 4 ways of whitening your teeth.

1. Office Whitening
a.   This involves whitening in the chair with the latest technology without any light or laser activation.

b.   A gel is placed on your teeth for 8 to 10 mins for 3 to 4 cycles.
c.   In the old days a gel was placed for 20 to 30 mins for 3 to 4 cycles with a light on your teeth. Examples include zoom, bright smile etc.

d.   Advantage of this procedure is that you get instant results.
e.   Disadvantageof this procedure is that it is 60 to 70% successful and you may lose the result over a shorter period of time.

2.  Home Whitening
a.   A kit is given to you to take home consisting of
b.   8 tubes with the
c.   highest concentration of gel available either of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.
d.   This system requires its use for10 to 14 days.
e.   The success rate is about 90%
f.   The effect can last 3 to 8 months

3.  Combination of above two procedures
a.   This will have the best effect as you get the best of both worlds
b.   It has the longest lasting effect
c.   It is recommended that you do booster home whitening regularly to keep you teeth looking and feeling rejuvenated.

4.  Deep Bleaching
a.   This process involves priming your teeth with home whitening for 10 to 14 days. This is followed by inoffice whitening and then subsequently followed by           home whitening again. A particular product is used and has to be ordered specifically for you.
b.   This will give you the best of all and guaranteed results.