Laser Tooth Whitening is a safe and effective process and a predictive process.

A laser light is directed on teeth that have a a specially formulated gel applied to them. This light activates the chemicals in the gel to activate the whitening process. It is done over one visit and give you amazing results.

Coffee stains, red wine, soft drinks, smoking, medication, trauma or injury to teeth are common causes of teeth changing in colour

When it comes to tooth whitening it is very important that you see a qualified dental professional for the treatment. Your teeth need to be examined carefully to see if you are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening.

Teeth can be stained for a variety of reasons and the staining or discoloration can vary from slightly yellowing teeth to very highly discolored teeth. The stains can be caused by smoking, by the use of strong anti-biotic medicines, by drinking too much coffee, red wine  or cola drinks or even because of neglecting to brush teeth twice daily. The more one neglects restoring teeth to their original color, the stronger the stains become and more difficult to get rid of. Among the many ways to whiten and brighten teeth, one of the most effective tooth whitening procedures is the laser tooth whitening procedure.

Stained teeth create a bad first impression hence it is important to remove discoloration of teeth as quickly as possible. The fastest way to get a brighter, whiter smile is by laser teeth whitening. It involves only one visit to the teeth whitening clinic and the procedure takes just one hour. It is also a safe treatment with no harmful side effects.

Best teeth whitening methods for individual needs

Teeth Whitening Sydney offers various options for teeth whitening among which the most suitable one can be chosen depending on individual dental conditions and preferences. Though most of the options such as in the office, at home, a combination of both, deep bleaching or laser whitening techniques are suitable for the majority of the people, under certain circumstances the desired results may not be achieved. Thus it is important to find the suitability of person before opting for any of the best teeth whitening treatment options offered by teeth whitening Sydney.

People with veneers, crowns or composite fillings may find it difficult to get them whiter beyond their natural color which may leave a demarcation between the normal teeth and them. Thus it is a good idea to check with the dentist if they can be removed and placed again or if their color can be changed to a certain extent to match with the natural teeth color.

People who smoke or consume alcohol may find it necessary to get the teeth cleaned before seeing good results with whitening treatment. At times there is only one tooth that is specifically discolored, one may speak to the dentist to get best tooth whitening treatment to allow it to gel with other teeth in the mouth. This allows an individual to flaunt his/her smile in a confident and beautiful manner.

Any teeth whitening treatment may cause temporary sensitivity to a certain extent that does not stay for a very long time. However, those who suffer with tooth sensitivity may find it best to stay away from chemical bleaching and consult the doctor for alternative methods to achieve best teeth whitening results.

People who are allergic to peroxide products or pregnant and lactating women and children below the age of sixteen are recommended to stay away from teeth whitening treatment methods though there are no scientifically proven harmful effects caused by them.

Before choosing any teeth whitening treatment it is always a good idea to consult a qualified dentist to ensure best results. This also helps in finding if the individual is a suitable candidate for whitening treatment. Otherwise he/she make look for alternative methods that may not harm his/her teeth.

After a person is offered teeth whitening treatment by teeth whitening Sydney, he/she is also offering suggestions and precautions that help in maintaining those teeth whiter for a longer period of time.