What does teeth whitening cost?
Teeth whitening cost price varies form few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars based on the many different teeth whitening treatments available. These costs vary depending on the concentration of the product, the effectiveness of the product and the brand being used.
Getting you teeth whitened at your dentist give you a safe way of looking after your health. This allows him to assess the health of your teeth before exposing them to the whitening gel.

Teeth whitening have become crucial not only for the cosmetic effect it has on your personality but also for the physical health and emotional well being it causes by boosting your confidence. Yet, just like a regular visit to the beauty salon is essential to make you look and feel good, a regular visit to the dentist’s office is necessary to keep your oral health in check and keep you smiling bright, not withstanding teeth whitening costs which are in any case not prohibitive.

There are many teeth whitening procedures available and the cost of teeth whitening varies as per the procedures selected. The range of teeth whitening costs is wide and could be a few hundred dollars for a home whitening kit to a thousand dollars and a little more for a high intensity deep bleaching procedure.

A regular visit to the dentist is important as your teeth will be examined and their health evaluated before any cosmetic procedure is recommended. Thus teeth whitening price can be considered negligible or affordable for the added service and the professional help and advice you will get before teeth whitening procedures are recommended.

While teeth whitening price for House whitening procedure is $ 690, the Home Whitening Kit can cost $ 440 only and a combination treatment can be had for only $ 890 which is a big saving of $150. The highest cost of teeth whitening is for the Deep Bleaching procedure which is $1200 only. But considering the returns in terms of cosmetic correction resulting in a drastic change in appearance which would give a great boost to confidence, this amount does seem too big. The effects of deep bleaching are also longer lasting than any other teeth whitening procedures.


The cost price of teeth whitening at our practice is as follows

Combination home and in house whitening 890.00
Home whitening 440.00
In house Whitening 690.00
Deep Bleaching 1200.00

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