Are you a good candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Generally, 90% of people can have a good result with teeth whitening. However in certain conditions, teeth will not whiten. Other options may have to be looked at

    • Composite Fillings, Veneers and Crowns
      These restorations can be whitened and f you have any one of them in your front teeth, you may have to consider replacing them once whitening procedure has been carried out.
    • Tobacco stains
      These are generally removed by getting professional clean first and then consider whitening your teeth if suitable.
    • Gum Disease, Cavities, or Worn Tooth Enamel
      You should first be treated for any disease before a cosmetic procedure such as teeth whitening is carried out.
    • Tetracycline Staining
      If your teeth are severely stained by tetracycline you might not experience a dramatic improvement with teeth bleaching. However, with procedures such as deep bleaching, you will have a good effect.
    • Tender Gums and Sensitive Teeth
      If you have tender gums and sensitive teeth, it may be best to avoid chemical whitening or bleaching procedures.
    • Under the age of 16
      Tooth whitening is not recommended for children under the age of 16. At this age the teeth are still developing.
    • Pregnancy
      Dentists do not recommend teeth whitening for women who are pregnant or lactating. Although there are no known specific side effects, manufacturers recommend not to bleach while pregnant or nursing as a precautionary measure
    • Allergies
      Anyone allergic to peroxide should not use a teeth whitening product.